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bajen pizzeria is open for you everyday from 14.00pm to 22.00pmwe offer now food delivery only from ban saladan to klong khong 7/11
full menu
First Courses Price in THB
Smoked Salmon 120.-
Toast Skagen 120.-
Mixed Salad Tuna/Chicken 150.-
Mushroom Cream Soup 90.-
Garlic Bread 80.-
Spring Roll 80.-
Bruschetta 80.-
French Fries 90.-

Burger Price in THB
Chicken Burger with French Fries 195.-
Beef Burger with French Fries 215.-
Bacon/Cheese Burger with French Fries 225.-

Pasta Price in THB
Pasta Gorgonzola Chicken, Onion, Cream. Blue cheese 185.-
Spaghetti Bolognese Beef Sauce 185.-
Pasta a’la Chef Beef, Mushroom, Onion, Tomato Cream Sauce 185.-
Spaghetti Carbonara Bacon, Onion, Cream and Egg 185.-
Spaghetti Marinara Shrimp, Mussel and Tomato Sauce 185.-
Penne ala Tonno Tuna, Tomato, Onion, Olives 185.-
Penne ala Arabiata Garlic, Chilli and Tomatao Sauce 165.-
Spaghetti Napoletana Tomato Sauce 165.-
Spaghetti Vegetariana MIxed Vegetable, Tomato Sauce 165.-

Pizzas Price in THB
Pizza Smoked Salmon  Garlic Souce, Salmon, Fries Tomato, Cheese 300.-
Pizza Steak  Steak, Onion, Bearnaise, Tomato, Cheese 300.-
Quatro Stagioni  Prawns, Mussel, Ham, Mushroom,Olive, Tomato, Cheese 300.-
Pizza Africana  Chicken, Banana, Curry, Tomato, Cheese 300.-
Napoletana  Anchovy, Tomato, Cheese 300.-
Four Cheeses  Cheddar- Mozzarella-Blue-Parmesan Cheese, Olive 300.-
Orientale  Minced Beef, Ham, Onion, Tomato, Cheese 260.-
Indiana  Prawns, Pineapple, Spring Onion, Curry, Tomato, Cheese 260.-
Salami Pizza  Salami, Onion, Tomato, Cheese 260.-
Pompei  Bacon, Onion, Tomato, Cheese 260.-
Hot Chilli Pizza  Minced Beef, Onion, Garlic, Fresh Chilli, Tomato, Cheese 260.-
Tuna Pizza  Tuna, Onion, Tomato, Cheese 260.-
Marinara  Mussel, Prawns, Tomato, Cheese 260.-
La Bussola  Ham, Prawns, Tomato, Cheese 260.-
Hawaii  Ham, Pineapple, Tomato, Cheese 260.-
Calcone (wrapped) Ham, Tomato, Cheese 260.-
Capricciosa  Ham, Mushroom, Tomato, Cheese 260.-
Vegetariana  Mushroom, Onion, Green Pepper, Olives, fresh Tomato 260.-
Vesuvio  Ham, Tomato, Cheese 260.-
Margarita  Tomato, Cheese 260.-
Pizza Salad  Cabbage, Oregano 40.-

Soft Drinks Price in THB
Watermelone Shake 55.-
Mango Shake 55.-
Banana Shake 55.-
Pineapple Juice/Shake 55.-
Orange Juice 55.-
Apple Juice 55.-
Tomato Juice 50.-
Coke 30.-
Sprite 30.-
Fanta 30.-
Water 30.-
Soda Water 30.-

Beer Price in THB
Bacardi Breezer 130.-
Heineken 85.-
Tiger 75.-
Leo 65.-
Singha 75.-
Chang 60.-

Drinks Price in THB
Jameson 150.-
Johnnie Walker Black Label 150.-
Jack Daniel’s 150.-
Campari 150.-
Bacardi 150.-
Vodka 150.-
Gin 150.-
Bailey’s 150.-
Kahlua 150.-
Malibu 150.-
Tequila 150.-
Sang Som 150.-

Wine Price in THB
Carafe (50cl.) 480.-
House Red Wine 160.-
House White Wine 160.-

Desserts Price in THB
Homemade Apple Pie  with Vanilla Ice Cream 120.-
Banana Split  with Chocolate, Strawberry Vanilla Topping 85.-
Pancake  with Honey 80.-
Your Choice of Ice Cram  with Chocolate, Strawberry Vanilla Topping 25.-

Coffee Price in THB
Coffee 40.-
Irish Coffee 160.-
Bailey’s Coffee 160.-
Capuccino 60.-
Espresso 60.-

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